SBEL’s Current Outreach Efforts:

Machine-Ground Interaction Consortium (MAGIC)

A consortium series centering around vehicle-ground interaction modeling and simulation. Researchers from across industry, government, and academia gather at UW-Madison to present on recent developments, as well as participate in a hands-on tutorial of the Project Chrono software suite for multibody dynamics. This event offers networking opportunities and the chance to get hands-on experience with Project Chrono software. The next Consortium will take place from November 12-17, 2017.

Promoting the Computational Science Initiative (ProCSI)

A six-day residential program held on the UW-Madison campus, ProCSI exposes high school students to computational science through hands on activities and tours of UW-Madison engineering labs. ProCSI aims to promote interest in the STEM fields by showing how advanced computing is used in cutting edge science and engineering research.

Parallel Computing Workshops

Dan Negrut frequently teaches workshops on Parallel Computing for Engineering Applications. These workshops are offered frequently in both the U.S. and Europe. Dan’s most recent workshop on “Parallel Computing for Engineering Applications”was held at Politecnico di Milano in Italy from January 12-16, 2015.

Online Master of Engineering degree in Applied Computing and Engineering Data Analytics (Slated to begin Summer 2016)

This proposed online Master of Engineering degree aims to equip engineers with the skills in computational science, data processing, and project management necessary to succeed in the growing number of jobs that involve the interdisciplinary combination of engineering, science, and business.

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