Promoting the Computational Science Initiative (ProCSI)

ProCSI (pronounced “proxy”) is an initiative, undertaken by a group of faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, whose mission is to expose minority 10th and 11th grade students to Computational Science. Computational Science, a combination of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, and, in our case, Mechanical Engineering, aims to use computer simulation to understand and gain insights into real world phenomena. Today, General Motors engineers use computers to generate a model that, based on the laws of physics, is used to predict how the actual vehicle behaves in a frontal collision. Likewise, scientists investigate global warming by running complex models of the earth’s atmosphere on fast supercomputers. The use of computers will increase in the foreseeable future, and we believe it would be beneficial for our high school friends to get a better understanding of this trend of using computer simulation in Science and Engineering. To ensure that the high-school students leave Madison with a good understanding of the opportunities in Computational Science, Engineering, and of the value of an Engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin, ProCSI offers five fun-filled days of:

  • An introduction to campus life with housing in dorms, ice cream at Memorial Union, and a tour of campus

  • Presentations by engineering graduate students on their research

  • College Preparation and Undergraduate Admissions Information Session

  • Visiting the CAVE, a virtual reality room, and seeing the programming that makes it work

  • An introduction to solid modeling and engineering applications of computer simulations

  • Tours of University of Wisconsin innovative labs in various types of Engineering and Sciences

  • “The UW Engineering Experience Through The Eyes of a Minority Student” Panel Discussion/Pizza Party

ProCSI is a wonderful week of learning, making new friends, and having fun, and it’s FREE of charge!

For more information or if you have questions, contact Professor Dan Negrut at 608-890-0917 or send email to


Pictures from Presentation given to Dream Chasing group in 2010:


Pictures from Milwaukee Precollege/WAA Initiative Meeting, March


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Pictures from Presentation given to West High in March 2010:

image image image image

Pictures from Presentation given to Dream Chasing group in 2008:

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